Our Staff

Our Staff

Bitcoinpriceupdate.review is one of the growing online financial news platforms. Our mission is to provide timely news updates for users. Our Staff includes professional traders, journalists and investors.

Luke Byrne– Category – Financial

Luke Byrne holds degree is in Economics and have worked in accounting, finance, and database management. His most recent full-time position was with a non-profit, handling all in-house bookkeeping as well as the Membership Program and the member database. His current work is providing web content as well as proofreading and editing services. He possesses over 10 years of investment experience, and he is also certified in Risk Management Assurance. Luke is a self-taught investor and follows the value investing approach to picking stocks. He currently covers Financial News category for our site.

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Address: 1218 40th Street, Edmonton, Alberta

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Phone Number: 780-484-9266

Michelle Willette – Category – Market Movers

Michelle Willette is a relatively new investor, only investing for the last 5 years. She believes though, that it’s not the amount of time in the market that determines a good investor, but rather how dedicated they are to actively improving their knowledge.

She has immersed himself in the world of investing, and prides himself on avoiding hype from latest trends and news. She has more than 10 years of experience in writing financial and business news, most recently as Investment Editor and writer. She also has a vast knowledge of stock tradingMichelle earned bachelor degree from Union College with a focus in Business Administration. Sheis the Senior Editor and covers Market Movers section. She also holds an MBA from Penn State University and she has two daughter and one son.

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Address – 1404 St Jean Baptiste St, Hebertville Station, Quebec

Zip Code – G0W 1T0

Phone Number – 418-343-0773

David Culbreth – Category – Business

David Culbreth is a self-taught investor that has been investing in equities since she was a senior in college and continues to invest. He is extremely devoted to demystifying investing terminology for new investors.

David Culbreth is a senior author and journalist. He has more than 5 years of experience in institutional investment markets, including fixed income, equities, derivatives and real estate. David has a Bachelor in Business Administration with a major in Finance. He bought his first stocks in a private business at age 15 and made his first public stock trade at 23. He has always been interested in the stock market and how it behaves.

As the dad of two children, he’s made saving money and investing for them a high priority. Over many years of investing, he has made some wise choices and he’s made many mistakes. But he’s learned from both. Mr. David observations and experience give him the insight to stock market patterns and the investor behaviors that create them.

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Address – 1964 40th Street, Calgary, Alberta

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Phone Number – 403-369-2886

Larry Spivey – Category – Business

Larry Spivey also covers the business news across all market sectors. He also has an enormous knowledge of stock market.  He holds an MBA degree from University of Florida. He has more than 10 years of experience in writing financial and market news. Larry previously worked at a number of companies in different role including web developer, software engineer and product manager. He currently covers Business news section.

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