Alexis Corbière, deputy La France insoumise of Seine-Saint-Denis, is the guest of the Grand interview of France Inter.

As the fifth wave of Covid-19 grows in France and concern mounts over the Omicron variant, the question of making vaccination mandatory arises. For Alexis Corbière, this is not the right solution. “We must convince“Says the deputy La France insoumise from Seine-Saint-Denis. He also regrets that the vaccines are not shared around the world. “I remain shocked to note that 80% of vaccines are collected by the member countries of the G20”, he castigates. “Countries are under-immunized.” The MP wants patents to be lifted in order to share vaccine data.

While the third dose of the vaccine has been opened to all adults, he regrets that it is difficult to find appointments. The member also refuses that we “points out those who are not vaccinated“. They “are not responsible” of the fifth wave.

Alexis Corbière is not in favor of the health pass, which he says is "the illusion of protectionAccording to the deputy, it is essential to develop other measures, such as "ventilate public places", to install "air purifiers, especially in schools"or even restore free testing.

The complexity of a campaign in the midst of an epidemic

The multiplication of new cases in recent weeks may complicate the holding of political meetings, five months before the presidential election. Two take place on Sunday, that of Eric Zemmour and that of Jean-Luc Mélenchon. "We will respect the instructions given by the prefecture, probably it will be necessary to wear the mask", indicates Alexis Corbière, who recalls that "in law, political meetings must be able to continue to be held". He emphasizes, however, that in rebellious France, "we are the ones who seek to demonstrate our strength in particular through large popular gatherings and it is a real difficulty in this context".

On the question of a union of the left for this presidential election, Alexis Corbière stresses that it is "Wrong to say that it takes a single candidate from the left to win. The left has already won by having six candidates in 1981 and 1988."

"Five years ago, we were more or less at the same level"in the polls, he notes. The Communists had however rallied to Jean-Luc Mélenchon, unlike this year. "The issue is how we mobilize the abstainers since today half of the voters do not speak out and they are above all popular voters", underlines the deputy. "We have to go and convince them with our proposals." He cites in turn retirement at 60, the increase in the minimum wage to 1,400 euros net, the capping of bank charges or even more progressive tax.