What if it wasn’t just individuals who were tired, but society itself? Pandemic, climate change, burn-out, the CFDT and the Jean-Jaurès Foundation take stock in an essay that has just been published.

To discuss it, we receive Claudia Senik, professor at Paris-Sorbonne University and at the Paris School of Economics, and Helene L’Heuillet, HDR lecturer in philosophy at Sorbonne-University and psychoanalyst.

It is a song…

Frédéric Pommier receives Valerie Donzelli, which we find tomorrow in the series “Nona and her daughters”, broadcast on Arte. She tells us her story with the very 80s hit “Sera porque ti amo”.

"A week in their lives": in "La Maisonnée", shared accommodation for people with Down's syndrome, ep.3

3rd episode with our 7 young women who suffer from Down's syndrome. Today we are leaving the Maison, in which they live in co-location to follow one of them at his place of work. Marie-Joëlle has worked in a Mac Donald restaurant in Trappes for three years. How is it going, was the insertion easy?

Hélène Chevallier followed her, between burgers and ice cream.