But what fly has stung our good old Régie?

It happened a few days ago, on November 25 exactly, at Pontoise airport, west of Paris. One of these electric and autonomous flying taxis made its first flight under the moving gaze of a few personalities. In the first row: the boss of the RATP, Catherine Guillouard. The management is the coordinator of this project and is thinking very seriously about Orly-Paris journeys by air. Objective: to have a demonstrator for the 2024 Olympic Games.

This full-scale test is just one example among many of what the company is doing in terms of technological innovations. Technos intended to boost this urban transport system, one of the largest in the world with its 14 metro lines, 8 tram lines, 2 RER lines.

Coming from Air France, in 2017 the pedégère opened up all the possibilities: artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicle, robotics, Internet of things ... The management has two big issues in sight: opening up to competition in 2024 and halving its carbon emissions by 2025.

And how are RATP customers benefiting from these developments?

First, there are the innovations that can be seen. The agency's 4,700 buses have been converted to clean energy, and the depots have been fitted out: a machine must, in four hours, accumulate enough energy to travel 190 kilometers. The RATP is also increasing its experiments in autonomous driving: shuttles, buses, trams, etc.

On the RER A line, an algorithm analyzes all incidents related to door closings, which represent 30% of the problems. It allows you to change a part before it lets go. And there are things less: the RATP thus transforms its bus depots, empty during the day, into logistics centers for Chronopost or Amazon.

In fact, RATP is increasingly beyond its role of Parisian public transport operator ...

And it does this in several ways. To accelerate in multimodal mobility, the group has its RATP Capital Innovation fund, which invests in start-ups: the Communauto car-sharing site, Zenpark car parks, Cityscoot electric scooters ... Mappy, acquired at the end of 2020, has become the cornerstone of digital mobility. Hello RATP, the new travelers' app, has been integrating its cards since the summer. You can buy a metro ticket, take a Vélib 'or book a Marcel VTC without leaving the application.

And our good old independent Régie set out to conquer the world. It sells its expertise in Europe, the Middle East and the United States. Its strength: the multiple technological innovations that it has been able to test on its network. Next stop: London. It will electrify its bus depots. Double decker powered by RATP. Chocking!