This Saturday, before an interview with the CEO of the ADP group on the aviation sector, report on the critical situation of the public hospital. And then a debate on this day of announcement of the candidate nominated by The Republicans: in economics, what does the right propose for the next five-year term?

The interview

Air traffic and tourism were starting to pick up again, regaining color after a particularly difficult year 2020. But now, at the end of the year, the Omicron variant begins to threaten this improvement and becomes, for the air sector, a new threat to face …

How badly has the sector been hit by the Covid-19 crisis and what is the state of traffic in airports today? To make an inventory and draw perspectives, Alexandra Bensaid receives the CEO of the ADP group on Saturday, Augustin de Romanet.


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In economics, what does the right offer?

By Céline Illa & Valentin Pérez

This Saturday, December 4, at the beginning of the afternoon, the name of the candidate who will wear the colors of the Republicans in the presidential election of April 2022 will be revealed publicly, after a vote by the right-wing party activists.

On December 2, the first round of this election saw the triumph of Eric Ciotti, deputy for Alpes-Maritimes, and Valérie Pécresse, president of the Ile-de-France region. A result with a taste of surprise as Xavier Bertrand was designated by the polls as the best placed to beat Emmanuel Macron, and Michel Barnier was seen as being able to benefit from the status of favorite ...

But whatever the outcome of this vote, economically, what does the right offer for 2022?Laurent Bigorgne, director of the Institut Montaigne and Christian Chavagneux, columnist at the magazine Economic Alternatives, open the debate.

The report

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At Valenciennes hospital, when doctors become HRD

By Anaëlle Verzaux

This Saturday, December 4 is a day of mobilization at the public hospital. While the threat of Covid still looms, the hospital is still threatening to collapse. And that, in spite of the advances and the billions of the Ségur of health. How many resignations of exhausted nurses, how many beds closed for lack of personnel?

Still other answers have to be found. We know the avenues: reviewing training courses, making positions more attractive, putting an end to the planer policy, correcting the famous fee-for-service pricing or reorganizing the link with city medicine. And then, some say, we have to give back power to caregivers vis-à-vis the administration.

This Saturday, zoom on a unique device of its kind. For his report, Anaelle Verzaux went to the north of France, to the Valenciennes hospital center, which has set up a governance of its own for ten years. To manage budgets, to manage teams, orders were given to doctors.

Today, what is the balance sheet? Is there a Valencian model that could relieve and heal other organizations, in other hospitals? Immersion in the heart of a new model.

My life at work

This Saturday, it was Corinne, a night nurse at the Manosque hospital who wrote to Sandrine Foulon. Its service will increase to 12 hours from January due to a lack of personnel. Day staff agree. She doesn't think she can handle this rhythm. How can she oppose this decision?