Marine Le Pen, Rassemblement National candidate for the presidential election, is the guest of France Inter’s special morning, A candidate against 7/9.

Marine Le Pen is the guest of France Inter’s special presidential morning on Wednesday. The National Rally candidate is living her third presidential campaign. Asked about the “glass ceiling” which she faced during the first ballots, she considers that she has not “never knew what the glass ceiling was.”

“The glass ceiling would mean that structurally we could not win. This is not true. There is just an evolution of the membership rate that we can generate”. “There is no structural reason to prevent us from winning. But if you believe that the glass ceiling is the Republican front, I believe that it no longer exists today in France.”

The superiority of constitutional law over European law

The National Rally candidate presented her vision of Europe at a press conference on Tuesday, while President Emmanuel Macron is due to speak on Wednesday to launch the French presidency of the Council of the EU. "I consider that the European Union is a supranational structure which is illegitimate" claims Marine Le Pen. "I want a Europe of nations, cooperation. We are in the process of building this Europe of nations that I call for".

The candidate wishes to register "the superiority of constitutional law over European law".

A referendum on immigration

"There is far too much immigration in France," said the RN candidate. “It has been going on for years and years. We grant a considerable number of Visas, we naturalize with a vengeance, we have a much larger number of illegal immigrants than the 700,000 admitted by the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin. migration policy in France is out of control. This problem must be solved." Marine Le Pen calls for a referendum.

Vaccination of children is "a form of abuse"

Asked about the management of the health crisis, Marine Le Pen again said that she was "opposed to the vaccination obligation, I also voted against the health pass. I think the government has been lying for months." Moreover, she also opposes "vaccination of children because the benefit/risk is nil for the children. They have almost no chance of being victims of a serious form, it is in my opinion a form of abuse.

The Economic Analysis Council estimates that the pass has increased the vaccination rate by 13 points and avoided nearly 4,000 deaths in France and economic losses of around six billion euros. She questions the legitimacy of the institution: "The blackmail of 'if we do not put in place the vaccination pass or the health pass, we had to put in place again a confinement of the French' is a lie." Marine Le Pen describes a study "unworthy". “There is only one misfortune, it is that the Council of State had said that the health pass should not be used to oblige the French to be vaccinated but to prevent the circulation of the virus. So we lied to the Council of State and we admit very quietly that we have violated the decision of the Council of State. I find that scandalous."

The abolition of jus soli

"I think that French nationality is inherited or earned" says Marine Le Pen. "The mere fact of being born in France should not necessarily give you a vocation to become French." The candidate wishes to remove the law of the ground.

Marine Le Pen also opposes the legalization of cannabis: "The consequences are negative. It will only displace crime." She points out the dangers of cannabis on health.

On purchasing power

Marine Le Pen is calling for a reduction in VAT for fuel prices, fuel oil and electricity. On fuels, it would drop from 20% to 5.5%. She considers this measure "as the most efficient, the most effective, to return purchasing power".

"I made a proposal for companies to be reimbursed as a tax credit part of the toll costs". She wants "do everything" to improve purchasing power. Regarding the nationalization of the motorways that she wants, because "this is a spoliation of the French and giving back to the French what belongs to them and what is depreciated, it is not a financial loss, but a financial gain for them. This will lower the price tolls."

For nuclear power and against wind power

She announces that she wants to make a moratorium on the construction sites of wind turbines which are in progress if she is elected. Offshore wind is "a very bad economic, strategic, ecological choice" she declares. Wind power is a "ecological disaster", "visual, which reaches our heritage". The candidate wants to stop subsidizing this energy, "I am fundamentally opposed to wind power. I am going to stop subsidizing this energy. And from the moment I stop subsidizing this energy, there will be no more wind turbines, because it is not not profitable."

On the other hand, the nuclear industry "is a very good sector". Small nuclear reactors, SMRs, "may be useful for export".

Campaign finance

The candidate of the National Rally for the presidential election of 2022 Marine Le Pen affirms this Wednesday on France Inter to have suffered about fifty refusals from banks to help her finance her campaign and that "It's starting to get complicated". She continues to seek funding throughout Europe.

"This situation should scandalize all people attached to democracy because, if it is the banks that can decide who is a candidate and who is not a candidate, then we still have to worry", regrets the candidate.

Marine Le Pen regrets that "the bank of democracy which had been promised by Emmanuel Macron and which was voted by the National Assembly [ait] was thrown in the trash without having the slightest explanation for the disappearance of this tool which was highly anticipated".