In Nyon, Switzerland, young people are being prosecuted following the occupation of land coveted by the multinational cement company Holcim, the hearing takes place behind closed doors but fortunately a public reconstruction is offered in light deferred outside

In Nyon, on January 17, 18 and 19, it was the mobilization for the first trials of the ZAD of the hill and it was joyful!

I logged onto ZadioRad, which was live to relay on the web the three days of mobilization of the Zadists of the Hill of Mormont, in the Jura mountains of the canton of Vaud and I went to meet them in front of the Nyon police court where appeared their comrades who had occupied a house on the hill. A hill already partially excavated and still coveted by the great Swiss cement manufacturer Holcim to expand its limestone extraction quarry. Because to make cement you need sand, we talked about it last week and limestone, a lot of limestone, and the hill of Mormont is made of limestone rock.

Holcim merged in 2015 with the French cement manufacturer Lafarge to become the world leader in building materials.

The verdict of the first hearings will be delivered on Monday, January 24

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