The year 2022 could be a banner year for. recruitment of executives, estimates APEC, provided however that companies recruit seniors or young people, because the market, at full employment, is tightening.

Apec, the association for executive employment, expects record recruitment this year.

Yes, now is the time to prepare your CV. Last year, the number of offers published on the Apec website increased steadily quarter after quarter. To the point that at the end of the year, we far exceeded the very good level of 2019, before Covid therefore.

There are sectors where demand is very strong: banking, insurance, IT professions but also construction. And all the engineers. It is particularly dynamic in companies with more than 250 employees, the largest ones.

Everything is ready for us to break a record, as you said, on one condition: that companies find the right people. But last year, one in four companies said they had suspended recruitment for lack of candidates.

In this case, why do seniors and young graduates still find it so difficult to be recruited?

Frankly, it's a problem because in the executive market we are clearly at full employment with an unemployment rate of 3.7%. But resistance is strong.

On the youth side, it's a traffic jam problem: as there was little recruitment in 2020, the promotions are competing. Before the Covid, the employment rate of bac +5 one year after their diploma was 85%. Since then, we have fallen to 69%. And of course the most penalized are those who do not come from the right neighborhood, with the right network.

And then the APEC and Pole emploi note that for those over 55, everything remains very difficult: 9 out of ten feel discriminated against. They are more often long-term unemployed. And yet, they are very flexible on salary conditions.

It tarnishes the picture a little, all the same.

Necessarily. We must all the same salute the companies which adopt a different behavior.

But there aren't enough of them yet. However, delays in recruitment can slow down growth. And if this discrimination vis-à-vis seniors is confirmed when we are at full employment, it will be difficult to admit a further extension of the retirement age.

With the Covid, the Minister of Labor Elisabeth Borne has mobilized the troops on youth employment, but she has put away at the bottom of her drawer, with the pension reform, a fairly advanced plan to improve the employment of seniors . Maybe it's time to take it out and make it a campaign topic!