This Saturday, how can we save our purchasing power? We debate it. Then take off for space, this territory now coveted by industrialists and start-ups, in the wake of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. But can we catch them? Report and interview with the president of CNES.

The interview

This week, Elon Musk was at the heart of the news: the American billionaire who announced his intention to buy Twitter seemed to retract then turn around again, on May 13, causing fluctuations in the price of the stock market of the network social. But that’s not the only area in which Musk petrifies watchers: another, of course, is the race for the stars.

Because seizing space is becoming a new priority in which the Americans are putting the means. To the point of leaving French and Americans on the sidelines? We talk about it this Saturday with Philip the Baptistthe president of CNES, guest of Alexandra Bensaid.

The National Center for Space Studies has been affected in recent days by a historic strike. Its employees denounce a lack of means and fear that the future contract of objectives and performances, imminent, favors the private sector to the detriment of the public.


Food voucher, price freeze, salary increase... How to save our purchasing power?

By Charles de Cillia & Valentin Pérez

Today, inflation is rising faster than wages: a real threat to purchasing power… How, then, can it be protected? The government announced this week that it would take measures during the vote on an amending budget, once the legislative elections of June 12 and 19 have passed: thawing of the civil service index point, tariff shield on energy , abolition of the audiovisual license fee…

Other solutions are emerging in the public debate, in particular by the voice of the opposition, from the indexation of wages to inflation to the idea of ​​a basket of basic necessities at fixed prices.

What are the best solutions? Marc Vignaud, magazine reporter Point and Christian Chavagneuxcolumnist at the magazine Economic Alternatives open the discussion.

The report

You have no doubt heard of Elon Musk's constellation, Starlink, which, for example, allows Ukrainians to keep an Internet connection, even in areas hit by the Russian army.

For now, this service is available in 32 countries, including France, unless the regulator decides otherwise in the coming weeks. In France, Starlink claims 4,000 subscribers and a ground station. What's the point ? To provide high-speed internet access to white areas. How it works ? With these antennas therefore, which are found under the white spheres and which communicate with clusters of small satellites in low orbits.

This is the turning point of recent years: the emergence of New Space, ie the opening of space to private investors. In this race, the Americans have taken a big lead. Europeans - and the French in particular - dream of catching up with them. But can they? Report, from Earth, signed Anaelle Verzaux.

It's happening there

For the past few days, a surprising little music, never before seen in a franchise, has been heard in China. Foreign companies no longer hesitate to say that they feel ready to divest because of an economic climate that is too unfavorable...

Explanations with Sebastien BerriotFrance Inter's permanent correspondent in China.

My life at work

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